‘Pie Bob’ kidnapped!

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AN ARBROATH icon was snatched from his home last week.

The signature sign for Pie Bob was spirited away by opportunistic thieves at some point last Wednesday night after it was taken down as part of the shop’s refurbishment.

The eight foot by four foot plywood sign depicting ‘Pie Bob’ has stood on top of the baker for years, and was taken down on Wednesday so that it could be shipped off to the sign makers for a touch up.

Pie Bob owner Neil Elford said: “Part of his face had peeled off, but someone seems to have taken a liking to him!

“It’s made of a full sheet of ply, and it’s more awkward than heavy, but it would still take two people to carry it.

“We have no clue who might have done this. There are always people around the back at night, just as there always is, but we didn’t see anyone take it.

“Someone has had a few too many drinks and seen it lying there.

“That logo is a bit of an icon, I think that’s why they’ve done it.”

Neil added: “I’m half expecting to get a ransom note.”