Phase two of High Street clean up

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Arbroath retailers are taking the next step in cleaning up the town’s streets.

The Arbroath Town Centre Retailers Association are looking to capitalise on the success of their recent fly poster removal session with another clean up on Tuesday (June 4).

Chair of the Arbroath Town Centre Retailers Association (ATCRA) Chic Grant has identified another target. He explained: “Once again we retailers will be getting up close and personal with the dirt and grime, this time tackling the decorative stone bollards that run the length of the high street which are in an awful state.

“At 5.30 p.m. on June 4 member of ATCRA will be on High Street with our cleaning gear on and we invite anyone with civic pride to come down and join us.

“The meeting point will be the empty Hydro Electric shop, just bring a scrubbing brush!”

The ATCRA has also been working on a number of other projects and is at present looking at the issue of vacant units on High Street and those in a state of disrepair.

Jamie Buchan, director of the Abbeygate Specsavers, has been in touch with landlords and business concerned and was able to report that WH Smith, one of the units in need of redecoration has put out tenders for external decorative works on their store.

Jamie said: “I think it is well acknowledged that there are a few units which could do with a spruce up externally and it is great that WH Smith have taken us seriously and have been very co-operative. Work costs have been put out to tender and are currently under consideration for the decorations to bring this unit back to a state worthy of the High Street.

“For all too long people have accepted that what we’ve got is the way it will always be and we are simply saying ‘No, we won’t let it be like that’. We will challenge anyone not playing their part in the restoration of Arbroath High Street to its former glory!”

Our picture shows WH Smith on Arbroath High Street which will soon be redecorated by the company. The Arbroath Town Centre Retailers Association hopes that more shop owners will follow their example.