‘Petty politics’ says councillor defending plan for slipway

Slipway at McKays boatyard.
Slipway at McKays boatyard.

LAST week we reported on the disagreement between Angus councillors about proposed slipway facilities at Arbroath Harbour, for use by private boat owners.

Councillor Bob Spink strongly criticised the feasibility of the Alliance group’s idea to use the commercial slipway at the boatyard, when not in use by Mackay Boatbuilders.

But Alliance councillors have hit back.

Vice-convener of infrastructure services Councillor David Fairweather said: “Some years ago, councillors [Alex] King and [Bob] Spink sought to spend money we did not have, on a public slipway. The consultation exercise carried out by the council demonstrated that the kind of slipway that was proposed was simply not financially viable, and the proposal was dropped.

“Since then however, myself and Councillor Millar have been working to identify a solution that would enable small boat users to launch their craft, and we have now brought forward a proposal that will allow this to happen at weekends and evenings.”

Councillor Fairweather continued: “I find it utterly ludicrous that councillors who appeared week in, week out in the local press for a slipway, would then turn tail and vote against one. This must surely be petty politics at its worst. For any councillor to claim that there was an intention to provide a new slipway, but not to budget for it in future years makes it a very hollow claim indeed.”