Pet snake goes missing

AN ARBROATH girl is asking neighbours to keep their eyes peeled for her pet snake which vanished from their home.

Jasmin Millar (10), of Horologe Hill is keen to trace Elwood, a three and a half foot dark brown and yellow patterned Royal Python.

Elwood managed to escape at some point this morning (Tuesday). Jasmin’s father Gary Millar explained. He said: “He managed to somehow open the sliding glass doors on his vivarium and because someone left the living room window open all night we’ve no idea where he is.

“We’ve been looking in every nook and cranny because they can get into anywhere.”

Gary said the family had spent most of the day moving furniture and appliances, but with no sign of Elwood.

Gary stressed that Elwood was not a danger to anyone. He said: “He’s a very friendly snake, you can handle him no problem and he’s never ever bitten anyone.”

Anyone who spots Elwood should report it to 01241 434402.