Partners attended Rotary meeting

THURSDAY’S meeting of the Rotary Club of Arbroath in the Meadowbank was a special occasion because of the number of guests as well as the attendance of members’ partners.

The club was delighted to welcome Audrey Anderson, as well as Annetta Anderson, president of Inner Wheel. Jim Smith, a prospective new member, and his wife, Iris, were also among the guests.

Rotarian Stuart Scott intimated that the ‘Fish Night’ which had taken place the previous Saturday at Arbroath Bowling Club, Dishlandhill, had been a great success. A profit of £458.95 had been made which would go straight into Rotary’s own charity foundation.

Jill Kerr intimated that the visit to Nyumbani in Nairobi, Kenya, undertaken by both her and the organiser and trustee of the COGRI Nyumbani project, Alison Stedman, had been a great success.

She said that thanks to the kind donations of Rotarians and friends, it had been possible to purchase extra supplies in order to undertake extra projects in the orphanage, clinics and village. Jill looks forward to giving more details about the projects during her own talk in May.

Rotarian David Millar’s talk concerned the Isle of Rum which is located 17 miles off the coast from Mallaig. He gave a detailed and interesting talk about the island, its inhabitants, human and otherwise, and showed some excellent pictures of what are known as the Rum Cuillins, as well as Kinloch Castle.