Parking problems are prevalent in town

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Our article last week on the misuse of disabled parking bays in Arbroath has sparked a debate online.

After reader Carl Clifford contacted the Arbroath Herald to highlight the problems he has finding a suitable parking space while travelling with his disabled daughter, other readers have been in touch with their own experiences on our Facebook page.

Steve Muir wrote: “This town has to be one of the worst places I have came across for people just parking wherever they like with a blatant disregard for others. There do not seem to be any traffic wardens in the town policing this. So it’s inevitable they will park in disabled bays as they know nothing will happen to them.”

Stacey McKinstray believes the problem is not just constrained to disabled bays. She commented: “And what about the people who park in parent and child spaces without a child? Also a lot of disabled badge people park in these at the Abbeygate when there is spaces for them, but yet us with kids can’t park in a disabled space.”

Stacey Black added: “Works both ways, the amount of disabled cars parked in parent and toddler bays is unreal also, Catch 22 I suppose.”

Reader Sammy Bell wrote: “This must be a wind up, there’s nothing but disabled spaces empty in all car parks. Far too much disabled spaces that go to waste in car parks.”

Vicky Taylor posted: “Disabled parking spaces are a right that has been and is fought for, hard. Parent and child spaces are merely a convenience.”

Scott Mackie added: “As a parent I would happily give up a parent and toddler space for a person with disabilities and if all disabled spaces are taken surely the parent and toddler spaces should be utilised by someone who needs the extra space. This town is full of selfish idiots who park where they want without regarding anyone else.”

According to Councillor David May the problem is not limited to Arbroath: “We have the same problems in Montrose.”