Parking pledged in Friockheim

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The developer behind a Friockheim housing project is hoping to highlight the increase in parking spaces that it will bring.

Mark Guild of Guild Homes Ltd has plans for 80 new homes at a site adjacent to Gardyne Street and according to the developer a lack of information had prompted residents to petition against the introduction of double yellow lines which they believed would limit parking.

Mr Guild explained: “The information probably hasn’t been as available to them as it should have been.

“What I wanted to do was make sure people were properly informed and what they then think about it is up to them, but we want to be as helpful as we can be, there will be a net gain of car parking.”

According to Mr Guild 13 parking spaces on Gardyne Street will be lost but his firm will form a brand new car park adjacent to the street which will create 34 spaces, including three disabled spaces.

Work is expected to begin this summer. Mr Guild added: “The first phase of 40 homes is expected to take about a year, realistically, and the landscaping and car park will be formed in advance of the works, so they’ll gain the new spaces before they lose any of the old ones.”

Mr Guild met with Angus Council planning committee on March 10. He told them: “In our opinion double yellow lines on Gardyne Street do not form part of our application. The requirement for any double yellow lines would be at the discretion of the Roads Department as part of the Roads Construction Consent and would be subject to a Road Traffic Order.

“We are concerned however that the community has in fact misunderstood the location of any possible yellow lines, the double yellow lines will not run the length of Gardyne Street, there will be ample parking for everyone. Our traffic engineers have provided a plan which has been lodged in support of the application, this demonstrates the position of the double yellow lines. It is a matter of fact, there will not be double yellow lines in front of the paper shop. The car park will be 16 metres from the paper shop, directly across the road.”