Pannie petition breaks 1,500

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The grass roots campaign to save a Carnoustie community centre has gathered over 1,500 signatures which will be presented next month to Angus Council.

The Panmure Centre on Kinloch Street caters for a diverse range of adult and child classes and activities and is a popular facility with townsfolk.

However an announcement by Angus Council in the Autumn stated that options were being explored for the building and prompted some of the centre users and groups to launch a petition to save the facility.

Cecilia Slater and Nikki Milne have rallied the centre users and supporters and organised a petition which has been available in many shops throughout Carnoustie.

The completed petition will be formally presented to Angus Council at 2 p.m. on April 14, at The Cross, Forfar.

Cecilia said: “As of March 4th there are 1,516 signatures and there could be more online but that is still to be checked.

“No, to be quite honest we were shocked at how big a response we got, but it just goes to show how active that building is and that it’s needed.”

Although the campaigners are delighted to be officially handing over the petition they are worried their concerns will not be addressed.

Cecilia continued: “Our meeting with Mr Richard Stiff [Angus Council’s chief executive] was booked for March 26 and it got cancelled and it was put into this meeting on April 14 so we are not very sure why.

“Now we’re going to a meeting that sounds like a totally different one to us.

“We’re not very happy, it sounds like a different meeting than the one we were invited to.

“We don’t know whether we will see Mr Stiff at this meeting or not. Anyone who wants to come along to the handover is welcome to.”

Previously Angus Council stated: “While we are exploring options for the building, we are not looking to withdraw services from Carnoustie.

“We will work with the current users to find an alternative venue if we do move out of the building.”