Pair tame Highlands for Brooke’s Dream

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A PAIR of Arbroath cyclists braved the horrors of Highland weather to complete a treacherous journey for a Carnoustie girl, writes Johnston Ralson.

Barry Hamilton (37) and Alan Ferguson (29) took on the wilds of the West Highland Way for Brooke’s Dream and raised over £1,000 in the process.

The duo did the route backwards, starting at Fort William at 9 a.m. on Friday and finishing 96 miles later in Milngavie at 4.30 p.m. on Sunday.

However, as one of Scotland’s hardest treks, the West Highland Way proved to be no milk run for the pair.

Alan said: “We were going up steep hills and then thinking, well at least we’ll get to go down them on the other side, but the paths were all rocky.

“We didn’t do as much training as we wanted to, not that it would have helped. There is nowhere in this area to train for that kind of terrain.”

Foul weather added to their trial. Barry explained: “The terrain was really treacherous, and the three days of rain didn’t help.

“They all combined to make it rather hard. A lot of it was quite rocky, it’s hard to describe it.”

Alan added: “It certainly wasn’t the glorious sunshine that people were having at home!”

Doing the West Highland Way for a good cause made all the difference, Alan said: “If it wasn’t for charity I would have been home on Friday afternoon, but we had Brooke and all our sponsors to think of so we kept going.”

Asked if he would do it again, Barry said: “Possibly. If you’d asked me that on Sunday night I’d have told you where to go, but looking back on it now there were some good bits.

“Some of the scenery was lovely. If it hadn’t been so misty when we were up there we would have seen a bit more of it.”