Oz theme at flower club meeting

Chair Valerie Dalglish welcomed everyone to the September meeting of Arbroath Flower Club in the Helen Street hall of the Royal British Legion Scotland.

She introduced the new committee and the demonstrator for the evening, Mr Lee Berrill with his title, ‘Over The Rainbow’.

Lee introduced himself in his usual flamboyant manner and started his inspirational demonstration with his interpretation of the storm which usually preceeds the rainbow. He used a circle of medalino sticks at the base and a tall container with twisted bark and curved panels made from cornis and fabric decorated with beads.

The second design was a tribute to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and he used a large basket which had been sourced from a car boot sale and decorated with a blue and white bow. The basket was transformed using pitisporum, eucalyptus. miniature lilac, senecio, white chrysanthemum, white carnations and blue gentian.

The next design portrayed the famous Yellow Brick Road, using cane and a tall vertical stand. The greenery used was illiagnes, pieris and phormium with yellow gladioli, yellow roses and huge sunflowers.

He then moved on to the Emerald City which used wonderful greenery and flowers. With bells of Ireland, green carnations, green chrysanths and green anthurium he built up a stunning arrangement.

The Tin Man was his next inspiration. A silver stand with silver sprayed palms, fatsia, euonomus, cypress, silver lucidendrum and pleated phormium provided the fabulous backing for white oriental lillies in this stunning design which was topped off with a tin hat.

The final showstopping rainbow design introduced a wonderful variety of greenery and flowers including skimea, hosta, bergenia, red gladioli, mini yellow gerbera, blue hydrangea, purple lizianthus and orange roses.

Mrs Brenda Prow gave the vote of thanks and invited members and guests to the October meeting on Thursday, October 17, at 7.30 p.m. in the Helen Street hall where the demonstration will be by Zena Stone from Bolton with her title ‘Following the Footsteps’.