Owners should clean it up!

Some dog owners aren't responsibly disposing of their dog's dirt.
Some dog owners aren't responsibly disposing of their dog's dirt.

The scourge of dog fouling has reared its ugly head once again and this time is blighting a children’s play park on a new housing development.

The play area near to Burnett Drive in the Cliffburn area is littered with dog dirt as well as having a bin overflowing with full dog fouling bags.

One local resident who often takes his young son and daughter to the park informed the Herald of the situation on Monday.

And the man, who did not want to be named and has spent time working in Afghanistan said the situation isn’t even as bad there, despite packs of wild dogs running around in the war torn country.

He explained: “I worked as a security contractor in Afghanistan and was living out there for 27 months.

“Packs of 15 to 20 dogs run around the city at night and you don’t see as much dog muck there as you do here in Arbroath.

“The problem is chronic at the park near Burnett Drive and the bin there is also overflowing.

“I thought it would have been emptied by now.

“It is just a normal bin rather than a dog bin but it is already overflowing with rubbish and people are dumping their dog poo bags at the side or just where they like.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said the authority would be discussing the issue with the housing developer.

She explained: “This is a privately built area and it appears that the owners have erected bins without consulting with the council.

“Now that we are aware of these bins, we will be speaking with the owners at the earliest opportunity to discuss this matter.”

The Herald started a campaign earlier this year to name and shame the streets that are worst affected by dog fouling in Arbroath.

Keep letting us know which streets are blighted by the problem so we can let readers know.

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