Owner’s delight as ‘stolen’ dog is recovered

A LOCAL pet owner Debbie Stark shed tears of joy on Tuesday when her massive pet Newfoundland dog, Delila, which she believed had been stolen from near Leys of Boysack Farm was discovered nearby.

The four-year-old pet was in a locked shed less than 50 yards from where it had been last seen.

Mrs Stark, a former dog breeder, is building a house near Leys of Boysack farm and is living on site in a caravan with her partner Graham Gregg, their three Newfoundland dogs, Delila, Bonny and Sammy, and a St Bernard, Bella.

The group was out walking on Monday afternoon when Delila disappeared. Mrs Stark reported that she had heard a car door slam and a vehicle make off at speed and believed her pet had been stolen.

She said at the time: “Some people might say she’s just a dog but Delila isn’t just a dog. She’s like family to me – she’s my baby. I am worried sick and can’t stop crying. The thought of anyone hurting her breaks my heart. I know Delila will be completely lost without me. Her companion Bonnie is sitting here wondering where she is.”

Tayside Police put out an appeal on Tuesday morning and in the early afternoon a representative of the media heard a dog barking in a nearby outbuilding and Delila was discovered, covered in mud, in an old cow shed.

Mrs Stark said she was hugely relieved to have her pet back and vowed to have all her dogs micro-chipped as a result of the incident.

A police spokesman said: “We are delighted that the owner and her dog have been reunited and that there is a happy ending to what was a very upsetting time for the owner.”