Outcry as man takes heckling too far

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COMEDY fans in Arbroath witnessed an incident that went beyond a joke last night (Tuesday) at a special sneak preview gig.

Comedian Kevin Bridges was in the midst of his second gig trialing new material at the Webster Memorial Theatre, when, according to witnesses from the audience, he was verbally threatened.

According to witnesses a member of the audience began heckling Kevin which rapidly progressed to personal insults and threats of violence.

Audience member Gary Cavanagh posted on Facebook: “He started calling him a fat b****** and progressed to threatening to take him outside and kick his head in.

“The audience were shouting their disapproval but he kept on slagging him and other people in the audience until he took hold of his senses and left.

“It threw Kevin right off and you felt it in the atmosphere. There’s heckling then there’s borderline abuse!”

Social networking tool Twitter has also been on fire with comments.

Stew @waldorfski78 said: “I was at show Monday night and it was great very funny pity tues night was ruined by idiot Where were staff #nameandshame”

Alana Watt @wattya83 commented: “always one idiot has to ruin it for this town!! #nameandshame #embarrassmenttothetown”

Jakub Hajda @didoprdele1 added: “just typical minority spoils it for the rest. Well known characters as well. But Kevin was excellent anyway!”

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