Our exit poll suggests a landslide SNP victory

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SCOTLAND voted yesterday to select constituency members for the Holyrood Parliament, as well as ‘list’ members with regional responsibilities.

Results are still being announced this morning, but if the exit poll conducted by the Arbroath Herald/Guide & Gazette yesterday in the Angus South constituency is anything to go by, SNP candidate Graeme Dey can safely take out the lease of a flat in Edinburgh, handy for the foot of the Royal Mile.

We covered three polling stations: Inverbrothock Primary School and Russell Square in Arbroath; and Burnside Primary School in Carnoustie.

Of these, the Carnoustie school was by far the busiest between 8.15 and 9.15 a.m., with a steady flow of voters.

There, 75 per cent of electors who revealed how they voted opted for the SNP candidate. Votes were also cast for the Labour and Conservative representatives.

The Inverbrothock polling station had a reasonable steady turn-out between 9 and 10 a.m., with the SNP again taking a clear majority of votes, but with votes cast for David Fairweather’s AIR Party.

At Russell Square between 8 and 9 a.m. there was just a trickle of voters; however the SNP was again well in the majority, with Labour the only other party showing.

It was made clear to those we approached that they were under no obligation to answer, and that any answers given would be treated in strict confidentiality.

And clearly our poll is no more than an indication of a trend, as there will of course be votes cast for the Lib Dem candidate.

In the last Scottish Parliament the SNP formed a minority administration, without having to go through the agony of brokering a coalition. Most of their proposed legislation was passed with the support of one or more of the opposition parties, who judged issues on their merits.

One of the few SNP policies to fail against united opposition was the proposal for minimum pricing of alcohol, a policy which has now found favour with the Tory/Lib Dem administration in London.

The amalgamated results of our exit polls are as follows.

Dey (SNP) 72.6%

Campbell (Labour) 12.9%

Campbell Adamson (Tory) 9.7%

Fairweather (AIR) 4.8%

Sneddon (Lib Dem) 0.0%