Opening day at Rescobie is a cold one

THE THERMOMETER reached a heady 3.5 degrees for a time on opening day at Rescobie and the rain stayed off until the boats had just left the boathouse.

Despite this, around 40 hardy souls ventured out, if only, in most cases, for a couple of hours. Historically, opening day has not been kind weather-wise and this was no exception. However, nearly everyone caught fish, especially the bank anglers.

The fish were not particularly deep and were taking a huge variety of flies and lures although, as usual, black and green proved popular. Condor and Drimmie did very well.

The biggest fish of the day from the boats was taken by Les Dickson, Montrose, who had one at 6lb 12oz in his four for 14lbs which included two browns for 5lb 8oz. From the bank, George Smith, Arbroath, had one at 6lbs in his 3 for 11lb 4oz.

Some other successes were, from the bank; W. Christie, Forfar, two for 4lbs; B. Clark, Arbroath, four for 8lb 2oz; S. Lawrence, Arbroath, three for 6lbs; and D. Mollison, Dundee, had one at 5lb 8oz in his four.

From the boats: G. Armstrong, Montrose, had two browns and a rainbow for 7lb 14oz; I. Goodlet, Forfar, three for 9lb 8oz; A. Paterson, Brechin, two for 7lb 8oz; Mr Joe, Dundee, four for 11lb 12oz; S. McGregor, Arbroath, two for 4lb 8oz; and B. Cox, Dundee, three for 6lb 4oz.