Online house exchange

A MODERNISED scheme to enable tenants to go online to find suitable exchanges of house is to be piloted in Angus.

The council’s neighbourhood services committee agreed to sign up to the House Exchange website, along with other registered social landlords in Angus.

At present, exchanges are mostly made by tenants advertising privately by use of cards in shop windows, with a little assistance from the council’s housing offices.

Committee convener Councillor Jim Millar said: “It is at present very time-consuming for tenants to find suitable exchanges, and there were only 25 mutual exchanges in 2009/10. Using this website will give tenants more choice and flexibility when seeking to exchange their houses.”

A 12 month pilot project will be run to establish the benefits of the scheme.

The committee agreed to the modernisation of the scheme, with hard copy lists to be made available in various council locations.