ON SET: Arbroath film Blood Loss

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The Arbroathians behind recently formed IronStar Films shot their debut movie, Blood Loss, with an authentic Arbroath backdrop.

The short psychological horror/thriller is an original script from ex-Arbroath Academy pupil, Graeme Carr, who also directed the film.

Beautifully shot and edited by another former Academy pupil, Dean Pearson, Blood Loss is the perfect example that you don’t need to go to film school to create an amazing product.

The crew welcomed experienced actors such as Craig McGinlay and Alan Cuthbert as well as budding new talent to the town.

What most filmmakers would have viewed as a three or four-day shoot, Blood Loss was filmed in only two days.

“It was an unbelievable experience, with a fantastic team of people who did a fantastic job bringing the story of Blood Loss alive. I can’t quite believe it actually happened!” said writer/director Graeme Carr.

The cast and crew were commended by everyone for their professionalism and style:

“Such a professional and well organised shoot, one of the best I’ve worked on. There was just the right balance of work and fun, every single person put in 110 percent which made it run smoothly,” said make-up artist and special effects expert Hayley Tinline.

For Demi Pearson, this was her first acting role: “To play the role of Abi in Blood Loss was an amazing experience for me, outstanding atmosphere and the outcome in the end was tremendous. To be able to work with more experienced actors on my first movie set was an unreal experience.”

The film is now undergoing the editing process. Watch this space for updates on when it is due to be released and first previewed.