Olympics giving me a shiver

I have been finding it difficult to get excited by the Winter Olympics because I’m not really into the sports featured.

But I tell you what I marvel at the skill and bravery of the competitors.

Some of these events are crazy and it must take real guts to try them for the first time, not even when you reach Olympic standard.

And for a nation that doesn’t really do winter sports, Great Britain seems to be doing rather well.

l It really doesn’t get any easier for Davie Moyes.

A scan at the English-based national newspapers on Tuesday saw him being picked apart by the top football writers. The Telegraph, for instance, had three articles on the reasons for his Manchester United side being such a disappointing outfit.

They all agreed about one thing, however. Fergie knew when to get out and didn’t leave his successor with much to work with.

l Sticking with football, I settled down to watch Liverpool v Arsenal on Saturday and saw the Anfield men open the scoring early on.

I decided this was the ideal time to grab a quick shower – err…no it wasn’t, it was 4-0 to Brendan Rogers’ men when I returned.

Has the Arsenal bubble burst? Only time will tell, but Mr Mourinho’s Chelsea menacingly occupy top spot and he knows how to win a title.

I tipped Liverpool at the end of last year, so I am sticking with that.

l It was interesting to see the west coast media getting themselves in a lather after Aberdeen knocked Celtic out of the Scottish Cup.

Can Rangers win it was the main question they were asking.

Having knocked out the favourites, the Dons are looking good, while Dundee United, Inverness and St Johnstone will all fancy their chances of landing the silverware.