Oliver’s travels bring him to Arbroath

A LEUKAEMIA survivor stopped off in Arbroath on Monday as part of his solo sail around Britain to raise awareness of the bone marrow register.

Oliver Rofix, who is originally from Suffolk, was diagnosed with the rare form of cancer when he was just 20 years old.

After undergoing months of treatment, a bone marrow transplant was his last resort and luckily a match was found through the Anthony Nolan Trust.

During his treatment, Oliver (26) started to restore an old boat along, with help from his dad, and now he is sailing around Britain to raise money and awareness of bone marrow donation.

He started the challenge on March 28, the day he was told he was five years all clear and on Monday he reached Arbroath after sailing from Anstruther.

He said: “After my diagnosis the doctors weren’t very optimistic as I was only the third known person to be told I had this form of leukaemia.

“A bone marrow transplant was my only hope and luckily a match was found.

“So rebuilding the boat was something I could do to keep my mind off things.

“When I was too ill my dad helped out and would video his progress to show me in hospital.

“About 18 months ago I started to restore it again and modify it before taking it around boat shows and then I decided to do this challenge.”

Oliver expects to be finished his journey by October having started in Ipswich and working his way around the east coast of England and then Scotland.

“I’m probably a third of the way round now and my next stop will be Stonehaven.

“But I quite like Arbroath, it is a nice place. I visited two years ago and even have some family here.”

Anybody wanting to follow Oliver’s progress can visit his website www.olivers-travels.co.uk