OBs Cafe is definitely here to stay

THE CAFE and drop-in, OBs, in the West Port, is not closing - and that’s official.

Organisers have been dismayed by the rumours that the popular and successful venue is to shut.

Sheila Dunphy told us: “The Oyster Crafts shop next door was badly affected by floodwater pouring through the ceiling when the big freeze ended, but OBs is up and running and healthy - and that’s the way it will stay!”

Although Oyster crafts was a pioneer in bringing Fairtrade goods to Arbroath, there are now numerous shops where these can be bought, including supermarkets, and sales had been drifting downwards for some time.

December’s big freeze had a serious impact on Christmas sales.

The flood was the last straw, and remaining stock is now at the former Brokehead shop, near where High Street meets Guthrie Port. The charity was fortunate enough to be offered use of the premises free of charge.

A complete clearance sale is under way, and while it is planned to be closed by April 2, if the stock has all gone before that the shop will close.

So as Sheila said: “If you want a real bargain, you might have to be quick!”

OBs acts as a normal cafe during the day, open to the general public like any other such facility.

In the evening it becomes a young people’s drop-in, and has really been accepted as such.

Among the other work done by OBs is their Saturday work going out and about chatting to youngsters and offering them hot chocolate.

Funding for OBs will not be compromised by the closure of Oyster Crafts, as its youth work qualifies it for grant-aid.