Numberjacks at Webster

AN AWARD winning television series running continuously on BBC TV’s CBeebies since 2006, the animated Numberjacks, is undertaking a UK tour and will appear at Arbroath’s Webster Memorial Theatre for two performances only on Wednesday, October 12.

The Numberjacks are 10 superheroes who live inside a sofa, but now they are emerging from their home and television screens for their first live show!

Touring across the UK, the Numberjacks need the children’s help to solve tricky problems and beat the dastardly Meanies, like the Numbertaker and Spooky Spoon, who do all they can to disrupt proceedings, but with help from viewers, the heroic Numberjacks will win the day.

The series won the Royal Television Society Award for the best pre-school educational programme two years in succession, and adheres to the Early Years Foundation Stage syllabus and the Primary National Strategy Framework for Teaching Mathematics.

The show introduces children as young as two to the world of maths in a fun and lively way.

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