No plans for more parking at Arbroath Infirmary

NHS TAYSIDE has confirmed they have no current plans to provide more parking at Arbroath Infirmary despite one local councillor describing the situation “as bad as ever”.

It has been a year since Angus councillors agreed to let the health authority find additional parking within the infirmary grounds rather than use Common Good land adjacent to the building to create more spaces.

But no work has ever been started by NHS Tayside to create more parking and a spokeswoman from the health board confirmed there were no plans to create extra spaces.

Parking at the hospital is limited and residents around the infirmary are often faced with a parking headache as they cannot leave their cars outside their homes.

But this situation could be set to continue despite NHS Tayside saying they were going to investigate the possibility of creating 22 extra spaces within the infirmary grounds.

Councillors Bob Spink and Alex King had put forward a motion that the Common Good land next to the hospital could be converted into a car park but it was rejected by other councillors.

And now Councillor Spink has told the Herald that there is no doubt the issue of parking at the infirmary will be brought before the council again.

He said: “I still feel exactly the same as I did last year with the parking at Arbroath Infirmary as I often pass by the hospital and the parking situation is as bad as ever and needing urgent attention.

“No disrespect to NHS Tayside but they probably think creating the spaces is not the highest on their list of priorities but the situation is inconveniencing a lot of local residents and patients who are having to wait too long to find a space.”

At a meeting last year of the infrastructure services committee, councillors were told that the infirmary is now significantly busier due to the number of outpatients clinics and staff, patients and visitors were finding parking difficult.

And if the possibility of creating additional parking on Common Good land comes up again, Councillor Spink says he will definitely be supporting the move.

He added: “I would certainly support any proposals to provide a new car park at the infirmary on Common Good land.

“It wouldn’t be all that expensive to do and I can see no reason good reason why we shouldn’t do this.”