No ordinary sixth birthday for Fraser

AN ARBROATH boy had an extra special sixth birthday this year when he got to be the star of a brand new television show.

Fraser Yule, a pupil at Muirfield Primary School, who turned six on Tuesday, stole the show as the focus for an episode of ‘My Story’, the latest development from the BBC’s CBeebies channel.

‘My Story’ is a brand new 25-episode series which explores different jobs across Britain.

The Scottish unit, led by director Nina Matheson, visited Arbroath on Tuesday for the first of three filming days with the Yule family who operate the lobster boat ‘Lichtie Lass’.

Other storylines have looked at ballerinas in Oban, a sailor in Aberdeen and growing up in a castle.

In this episode, Fraser asks Donald, his father, what he does for a living, prompting Donald to take Fraser out to haul creels and teach him about his family’s long association with the sea.

Fraser’s mum, Susan, explained how it all came about: “They were setting up this new series and it was just through a friend of a friend who said they knew a fisherman.”

Donald added: “A friend of ours works at the BBC and she told them she had a friend who was a fisherman and it just kind of grew from there.”

Susan continued: “And because Fraser was the right age, between four and six, they said they might as well use us. It’s just one of those things. We got this ‘phone call one day that said ‘I believe you’re a fisherman’ and at first we thought it was a wind up.

“Fraser is just over the moon, you could scrape him off the ceiling he’s that high.”

‘My Story’ is expected to air on CBeebies some time in the autumn.