No loss of services promised in adult care

Adult care services in Angus are to undergo radical change.
Adult care services in Angus are to undergo radical change.

No services will be stopped it has been stated as plans are this week shared with users and staff on the future of adult care services in Angus.

The next phase of the radical redesign of adult care services is being developed by the Angus Health and Social Care Partnership and a statement was released this week on their behalf by Angus Council.

Changes to the internal structure of the services are proposed in order to deliver better outcomes for service users and their carers. The plans are being shared with service users and staff this week.

Hugh Robertson, Chair of the Integrated Joint Board for AHSCP, said: “We have written to service users to reassure them that we are not stopping any services and it is only the internal reorganisation of the delivery that is changing. People in Angus will continue to receive the high quality care and support that they need to help them to live safely and independently at home.

“The AHSCP believes that the proposed changes will deliver significant improvements to our services. Phase one of our redesign tailored our home care service to respond at the times that service users themselves told us they required and, in addition saved £650,000 by organising work more efficiently. We expect that this second phase will deliver further improvements and efficiencies to sustain the service into the future.

“The Partnership’s aims with these changes are to prevent unnecessary admission to hospital and, if a person requires hospital treatment for a short period, they will have the right support at home to be discharged from hospital quicker. The changes also mean we will be improving response times as we will be increasing the use of digital tools by staff. We can also increase contact time as staff move to working in an agile way, starting and finishing their shifts from home.

“In addition, we are supporting our staff on the ground more as we ensure their managers are available to them throughout the daytime shifts and we believe the new internal structure will better support these highly-valued members of staff in their careers as carers.”

This new service is not designed to deliver long term personal care as the introduction of Self Directed Support, which allows people to choose their own service provider, has produced a steady and significant reduction in demand for long-term, personal care services from the AHSCP, 70 per cent of personal care services for adults living at home in Angus are now delivered by private care providers.

As the transition continues from long term personal care to private and third sector parties and with the improvements to the efficiencies of the internal services, significantly fewer staff will be needed. However, this staff group is highly valued and it is believed that the new structure will not only provide a better service to the public, but will also better support them going forward in their careers as carers. A number of temporary posts will be required to further support the service as the amount of personal care delivered continues to diminish.

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