No decision until June on car park

AN ARBROATH councillor has promised that all objection letters will be taken into account when deciding on the future of the Marketgate/Ladybridge Street car park.

The council is proposing that cars will be limited to a two-hour stay in the car park as they hope that it will free up more spaces for shoppers and tourists.

However, both business proprietors and people living in the area have opposed the plans saying they will have nowhere to park as nearby streets and other car parks are already full.

But Councillor David Fairweather says all these concerns will be taken into consideration when a final decision on the car park has to be made.

He said: “The plans went out for consultation and then it will come back in front of the infrastructure services committee in June.

“The consultation has now closed.

“There has been no decision made yet and suggestions that we are trying to push this through are nonsense.

“I believe there were 40 letters of objection received and councillors will see all of those at the committee meeting.

“Then it will be up to them to make up their minds. But everything will be considered before a decision is made.”

Other plans for the car park include a £121,000 overhaul which will see trees, pedestrian walkways and new signage installed.

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