No change to traffic on Brothock Bridge

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BROTHOCK Bridge is set to remain as a one-way traffic system after an Angus Council commissioned feasibility study showed two-way traffic could pose road safety risks.

At a meeting of the council’s infrastructure services committee on Tuesday, members agreed with the recommendations that the road should not be altered to take two-way traffic.

The idea first came about over fears motorists travelling into Arbroath from the south could easily miss the town centre and end up driving straight through the town without realising.

It was thought that making Brothock Bridge two way would attract motorists and therefore shoppers into the High Street areas.

But a feasibility study has shown traffic turning right into Brothock Bridge would be just too dangerous and instead recommended increased signage of the junction at Burnside Drive/East Grimsby as a way of directing traffic into the centre of Arbroath.

Councillor David Fairweather, vice convener of the infrastructure services committee, commented: “A lot of work has been done since the review was completed to give us more information about the implications of some of the proposed measures.

“Most specifically we wanted more information about making Brothock Bridge two-way.

“The detailed investigations into that proposal by Siemens Mobility Traffic Solutions found that in addition to the road having to be widened, the introduction of two-way traffic would create some road safety issues and increase delays for traffic going on to Burnside Drive.

“The committee therefore agreed with the recommendation that we shouldn’t pursue this option.”

However, in a bid to free up parking spaces for shoppers and visitors, the committee did agree to convert the car park at Marketgate/Ladybridge Street to short stay, meaning drivers can only leave their cars there for two hours at a time.

It is also proposed that £121,000 be spent on the car park to create pedestrian walkways, trees, railings, and new tourist information signs.

Councillor Fairweather added: “The enhancements agreed for the Marketgate/Ladybridge Street car park will make it more inviting and changing it to short stay should benefit shoppers and visitors to the town by increasing the turnover and freeing up parking spaces.

“The improvements suggested for the East Grimsby/Burnside junction would also make this access point to the town centre much more visible to visitors.”

Fellow Arbroath councillor Donald Morrison commented on the plans: “East Grimsby is the gateway to the town centre and at the moment there are only 14 shops empty in the High Street.

“So I welcome the fact that there are plans to enhance the East Grimsby junction.”