No big head for leading scorer Gribben

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ARBROATH’S current top scorer believes he still has a lot more to give.

Darren Gribben, who signed for the club from Berwick Rangers in the summer, has made quite an impact on the scoresheet, notching up three goals in the last week.

However, Darren feels there is room for improvement, despite his impressive goals to games ratio.

He said: “Well, I’ve been scoring goals, but I don’t think I’ve been playing well to be honest.

“If I hadn’t been scoring goals I don’t know if I’d have been starting or not. I don’t think I’ve been playing well myself.

“I feel as if I can be a wee bit sharper, that’s the way I feel. I don’t know what the manager thinks, but you know yourself, don’t you, if you’ve been playing well or not.

“But I’ve been scoring goals so that kind of makes up for it a wee bit.”

Fitness is one area that Darren feels would benefit from more work. He said: “If I can get fitter then maybe I can get better, I reckon.

“The last 20 minutes there I was blowing a bit, maybe that’s the heat, I don’t know, but we did well so we’ll just keep on winning and hopefully that’ll be fine.”

Their defeat of Ayr has given him hope about the Arbroath league campaign. He said: “Well, if we get to the play-offs and we don’t win then we’ll be disappointed because Ayr are meant to be favourites or thereabouts.

“I thought we matched them on the day and obviously we won 4-2. There were two slack goals, but our ‘keeper never had much to do.

“I don’t think we’ve started playing as well as we can to be honest. We’re undefeated in five games, so the manager’s saying just plug away.

“New players who come in will blend in and obviously we’ll try and keep clean sheets and get a few more wins.”

Asked about Sky Sports and the BBC spelling his name wrong for his last three goals, Darren replied good-naturedly: “My girlfriend just text me to say ‘3-2 Grubben’.

“I don’t know who does that, but it’s unbelievable! It’s funny, I don’t know how you go about getting that changed.”