New suicide bereavement service

A COUNSELLING service is gearing up to open a new venue in Arbroath where it will provide support to those bereaved by suicide.

Insight Counselling has been offering counselling to people in Angus and Dundee since the 1990s and has had an office in Arbroath for about four years. For the last two years, it has been within Little Cairnie Hospital.

However, at the end of last year the organisation acquired the use of a room at the former Ladyloan school, adjacent to Gayfield football ground. The time since then has been spent preparing the room for meetings.

Development officer Alastair Lucas explained: “Insight Counselling has been offering counselling to individuals in Angus and Dundee for about 20 years. More recently, it has been funded by The Big Lottery to provide support for people bereaved by suicide.

“As part of this it has taken a room at the old Ladyloan school which will be the new venue for support group meetings and workshops.”

He continued: “Here people bereaved by suicide can meet other people in a similar situation and gain knowledge and skills.

“We wanted a venue for the support groups that offered a light and soothing space. With Ladyloan being on the waterfront, it seemed the ideal venue.

“We also wanted a venue that was external to our organisation, as part of the legacy of the People Bereaved by Suicide Project that Insight Counselling has been running.

“It will accommodate up to 12 people which is ideal for the groups we plan to run which will be for four to 12 people.

“The hope is that it can also be the venue for a drop-in service for people bereaved by suicide.”

Mr Lucas said that the hope now is that more people can benefit from peer support at support group meetings.

He continued: “Insight Counselling faces challenges in promoting its work and encouraging people to access support.

“Talking to others in support groups and counselling sessions can help process difficult emotions that occur during bereavement by suicide. Feelings of anger, shame, guilt and hopelessness are often experience.

“Workshops teach how to address these emotions through creative methods such as art and writing.

“Insight Counselling offers all these services for free in Arbroath and Dundee. Counselling is offered across Angus.”

Anyone who would like more information on the services offered should call Insight Counselling on 01382 228836.

The new facility should have opened last week but this did not take place due to unforeseen circumstances and has been rescheduled for March.