New session under way

THE FIRST meeting of the new session took place on Friday in Arbroath Library where secretary Mary Reid welcomed members.

She announced that Arbroath is now a Fairtrade Town and the club had been mentioned in the feedback from the Fairtrade Foundation. Fairtrade tea and coffee was served after Mr Wishart’s talk.

George Laidlaw introduced Mr Joe Wishart who talked about his mud house. Joe was a lively character with funny stories to tell about his connection with Montrose and Arbroath.

Then he talked about the house that stands outside Montrose. In the 1800s there was the farming community and the flax workers. They built a school in 1832 at Logie which had 62 pupils attending when they were not working in the flax mill. The school house was made from mud bricks and straw and it was used for about 60 years. It housed a teacher and his housekeeper.

In 1840 the Laird paid for a minister and he would dictate what was taught in the building which did not go down well with some people. Things changed for the building when other schools were built and it lay empty for a while.

Around 1930 the building was used by the United Free Church. They put a brick cladding around the mud building to support the tile roof that was placed on top of the mud roof.

In 1993 Angus Council was going to demolish the building but in 2008 it was restored by the National Trust. The house was filled with furniture and teas were served. After that opening the house was to be rented privately so the public may not have had the same access. So Joe applied to become the tenant and now he opens the house to friends for a visit on the last Sunday of the month from June to September.

The Logie Schoolhouse is open for cream teas and Joe gives a talk on the History of the building.

George Laidlaw gave the vote of thanks then refreshments were served. The next meeting is on Friday, October 26, when the speaker is John Kerr on ‘The Miniature Railway’.