New president calls on retailers’ support

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A change at the top of the Arbroath Town Centre Retailers’ Association has heralded a refreshed plea for more people to get involved.

“Everyone wants an improved High Street,” said new president Sandy Beedie, “but we have a blame culture and it is always somebody else’s fault or responsibility.

“It is not an easy fix and it is hard to pin point exactly what needs done but what we do know, is the more people that get involved, the more resources we have to pull from.

“There is a problem with larger retailers. The shops are manned by managers who are less likely to want to give up their time. Other independent shops are reluctant to get involved due to time and resources but if we want to have pride in our High Street again we need people to help.”

Handing over the baton to Sandy was past president Chic Grant, who said: “It will be a long hard slog with scant reward but we are still up to try and make the High Street a better cleaner place to work and shop in. It is encouraging that with only seven people turning up to the well-advertised meeting on Monday, that we still managed to form a committee.”

The ATCRA will be sprucing up the street with bright hanging baskets towards the end of May.

“There are some empty baskets left and if any trader wants to fill them up themselves, contact Chic Grant on 01241 430400.”

ATCRA Committee: President - Sandy Beedie; Vice president - Chic Grant; Secretary - Maureen Beedie; Treasurer - Catherine Spurway.