New lease of life for Letham Grange

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An Angus golf club’s problems have been eased at a stroke following the signing of a new lease from the course owners.

Letham Grange Golf Club may have been feeling a little below par as a result of the legal issues affecting the Letham Grange Hotel which also owns the two courses used by members, but a new deal has been signed which will give them more control over their future.

The club now has a three-year licence to occupy giving them a legal entitlement to operate a golf club from the premises which according to the club committee will allow them to develop and gives the club more security for members, office staff and the greenkeeping team.

Letham Grange Golf Club president Malcolm Turner explained: “We have operated on licence from the current owners on a yearly basis since 2011. Every year there is always a discussion to get a longer-term licence which was never really well-received by the owners. This year when we contacted them they saw the sense in giving us a longer-term licence.

“The first thing we did was arrange purchase of the machinery rather than renting as we have for the last five years. It gave us the confidence to go out and spend money on new machinery.”

Boasting 500 paying members last year, Letham Grange Golf Club is keen to build on their success, and are even looking to capitalise on a new breed of golfer. Club secretary Bruce Currie explained: “Nowadays there are a lot of nomadic players, they don’t have an official golf club membership or handicap. They are playing the game and enjoying it and are contributing to the golf club. They look for the deals and travel from course to course to get them.”

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