New home for flood hit shop

310111 linlithgow fairtrade group gain new certification
310111 linlithgow fairtrade group gain new certification

A CHARITY craft shop, the premises of which were devastated by flooding, have been thrown a lifeline by the owner of a vacant shop in the High Street.

Over Christmas and New Year the Oyster Trust store on the West Port was ruined when burst pipes in the flat above sent water gushing through the ceiling, causing damage to the interiors and some of the stock.

Insurance companies have been assessing the damage and the shop has been unable to trade.

However, on hearing their plight Ross Morrison, who owns the building on the High Street next to Swinton Insurance, has temporarily offered them the premises free of charge.

And tomorrow (Saturday), the Oyster Trust craft shop will open in the High Street building so they can continue to trade while their West Port store is cleared up.

Committee member Sheila Dunphy told the Herald they were delighted that they are now able to trade again and says they are grateful to Mr Morrison for offering his help.

She said: “When Mr Morrison heard about our situation, he contacted us and said that we could use his empty property until our other shop is up and running again.

“It is great that we are going to be able to open again thanks to his very kind offer.

“We have been moving stuff up there all this week and we will be ready to open tomorrow.”

However, Sheila added it could still be several months before the West Port store is up and running again as they are having to let the walls and floors dry out.

But luckily not much stock was ruined in the deluge.

She explained: “It will still be a couple of months before we can move back.

“Things are still being cleared up and we are starting the drying out process.

“Luckily as it was after Christmas, there wasn’t much stock in the shop so we haven’t lost too much but we will be having a sale while we are in our temporary store.”

The Oyster craft shop will be open in their temporary High Street store Monday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.