New CO for 45 Commando Group

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LIEUTENANT Colonel Mike Tanner Royal Marines is the new commanding officer of 45 Commando Royal Marines at Condor.

In line with 45 Commando tradition, the outgoing CO, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Lee MBE RM, last Wednesday passed the Nordic ski engraved with the names of all former commanding officers to Lieutenant Colonel Tanner as a symbol of the handover.

Lieutenant Colonel Tanner said: “I am delighted to take command of 45 Commando. It is an extraordinary privilege to be able to lead a Commando Unit with such an impressive history.

“I have profound admiration for the courageous manner in which the Commando has undertaken recent operations in Afghanistan and look forward to leading 45 Commando into its next chapter in history with the magnificent support of the Angus community.”

45 Commando has recently returned from Operation Herrick 14 in Afghanistan where it was based in Nad-e-Ali, Southern Helmand. It suffered no fatalities although several of its personnel were seriously wounded by improvised explosive devices.

Lieutenant Colonel Lee has moved to the Defence Academy in Shrivenham where he will work on command training delivery.