New centre praised by enterprise trust

THE HEAD of an organisation which aims to support and develop businesses in Scotland has emphasised the importance of creating an enterprise culture in the country and has praised the new enterprise centre at Angus College.

Gary McEwan, chief executive of Enterprise North East Trust, believes that producing more and more new businesses is vital to strengthening the economy.

However he understands that for those entrepreneurs looking to start out on their own, it can be difficult to turn a business dream into a reality.

He said: “Taking the decision to become an entrepreneur can be a daunting one, but with the right advice, planning and support it can be an extremely exciting and very rewarding.”

Mr McEwan is championing the new Centre for Enterprise, Business Development and Entrepreneurship, recently launched by Angus College, which is offering advice, support, mentoring and training for aspiring business entrepreneurs.

Bringing all the organisations, which already have roles within the market together under one roof, the centre is not only for students but also the wider Angus community.

The facility has been praised for its unique model and innovative idea, with education providers being urged to replicate the centre in colleges across the country.

Mr McEwan added: “The Centre for Enterprise will give people who are considering starting their own business access to the resources and tools they need to get it off the ground. 

“The services provided by the centre aim to encourage people to consider entrepreneurship as a viable route, whatever stage you are at in life or your career - it’s never too late. 

“There is a strong appetite for entrepreneurship in Angus already with the number of start-up businesses rising each year. There were more new companies started in 2011 when compared to 2010 and more last year when compared to the previous one.”

Enterprise North East Trust, which delivers Business Gateway services in Grampian and Tayside, is a partner in the new centre.

Mr McEwan explained: “We are fully committed to the development of new businesses and welcome the launch of the Angus College for Enterprise, the services and support it provides will be invaluable in helping people to achieve their business ambitions.”