New bench burned

VANDALS have struck at a playpark in Letham that was only renovated three weeks ago.

One of the new benches at Dempster Park, which had been refurbished with £51,000 of council money, was partially burned at the weekend.

The bench which was part of a donation to the project was left with unsightly burn marks along the arm in two places.

Dempster Park received the upgrade from the local authority after years of lobbying by locals, and Councillor David Lumgair, who lives in the village, believes it is the work of a small minority.

He said: “I am so disappointed. £51,000 was donated to the fund from Angus Council for the park to be done up and it is well used by most of the children.

“There are two burnt spots on the bench, but I think they will be able to sand paper or plane them out.”

The park will soon be completed with a ‘music pod’ which will allow children to listen to music by bicycle power costing just over £10,000.

Councillor Lumgair believes that the issue can be prevented in future if local children can be made aware of the impact of their actions.

He said: “I will try and get round the parents, and get them to talk to their children. The fact that the bench was donated might help.”