National recognition for CAFE

The CAFE Project was a subject of a debate in the Scottish Parliament.
The CAFE Project was a subject of a debate in the Scottish Parliament.

The CAFE Project is looking forward to a more certain new year after more donations have flooded the organisation.

The youth drop-in facility was faced with closure in January due to a lack of funds but thanks to a rally by the community enough cash was secured to keep the project going until at least July.

And last week the CAFE was the subject of a debate in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, where MSPs learned about the importance of their services and difficulty of securing funding.

The debate was led by north east Scotland MSP Alex Johnstone, and is available to watch on the BBC Democracy online channel.

Mr Johnstone said: “I felt it was extremely important to highlight not just the success of the CAFE Project, but also the funding challenges that the organisation faces.

“The debate saw very positive contributions from across the chamber, with a clear recognition of the massive contribution that the CAFE Project has made not just to the community in Arbroath and Angus, but also further afield where others have looked at how the CAFE Project works, and replicated their success story.”

And after the debate the CAFE Project themselves were grateful for the recognition and goodwill they had received.

CAFE Project advisor Derek Wann added: “I would, along with my colleagues commend Alex Johnstone and his fellow MSPs for their kind words in the chamber. 

“We are delighted that MSPs noted how important our future success is not only to Arbroath and Angus but as a template for other organisations Scotland wide.

“We have been amazed at the generosity of everyone who has contributed to our fund-raising campaign so far, but we still have a lot to do to ensure that this important service continues for many years.”