Mystery surrounds 
big cat sightings

Seaton Woods, scene of several big cat sightings.
Seaton Woods, scene of several big cat sightings.

The mystery of a big black cat lurking in woods around 
Arbroath has deepened after the Herald was inundated 
with sightings.

Last week, we reported how Richard Smith, who lives near East Seaton Farm, spotted a large feline like creature near to the strawberry fields.

And ever since, readers have been quick to get in touch to tell us about their experiences of seeing what many describe as a panther on the prowl.

Richard Talbert, of Seaton Road is certain he saw the animal in Seaton Road 
very recently.

He explained: “I was looking out my back garden window whilst having a glass of water last month and I saw a large black cat like creature 
roaming about.

“I tried to take a picture of it but the flash scared it off. I 
never thought of reporting it until I saw the article in the paper.”

And more bizarrely, another reader also saw a big cat but this time at the other end of town.

They said: “I saw it on the week commencing September 9 when I was walking my dog around the nature walk between Little Cairnie Hospital and MacKays.”

And even though Mike Craik says he hasn’t seen the big cat, he believes there could be evidence of its existence.

He explained: “Between April and June this year my wife has come across three deer carcasses in Seaton Woods, totally stripped to the bone.

“This wasn’t just an injured deer that had been left to rot or anything, but savaged.

“She hasn’t been through the woods since, not because of what might be in there but purely because of the fact it is so overgrown.

“Big cat or what?”

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