MSP supports badge consultation

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THE ANGUS South MSP has added his support to a consultation being launched on the misuse of the Blue Badge scheme for disabled users in Scotland.

The consultation, introduced by Dennis Robertson MSP– a Blue Badge holder himself - aims to introduce powers to cancel and confiscate blue badges which have been misused, whilst providing an appeals process for applicants who are refused a badge on eligibility grounds.

Commenting, Graeme Dey said: “I am very happy to add my support to Dennis’ consultation on the proposed bill on Blue Badge misuse and access.

“Too often I hear of people abusing the system and preventing those who really need the scheme to be able to use it effectively.

“For many users, the Blue Badge contributes greatly towards them enjoying a better quality of life, allowing them to get out and about without the worry of finding a suitable parking space close to their destination or expense of using other forms of transport.

“The scheme is a lifeline for thousands of disabled people in Scotland and this consultation will hopefully go some way in helping to ensure that those who need a Blue Badge can secure one.”