MSP backs battle campaign

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ANGUS South MSP Graeme Dey has backed the campaign to get the Battle of Dunnichen included on the Inventory of Battlefields.

Mr Dey announced that he has written to Historic Scotland who compile the list, on Friday, the day of the 1326th anniversary of the battle which took place just outside Letham.

Mr Dey said: “Following their baffling decision to omit Nechtansmere from the original Inventory, Historic Scotland indicated they would consider adding the location of one of the most important battles in Scottish history as part of a second tranche.

“I have contacted Historic Scotland’s chief executive Ruth Parsons seeking information on where that process is currently at.

“Historic Scotland says that to be included in the Inventory a battle must have “contributed to the history of the nation”.

“Nechtansmere undoubtedly meets the criteria because if the Picts had not carried the day then there would have been no Scotland.”

r Campaigners pictured at the Dunnichen Memorial.