MP supports lobby for cutting fuel duty

ANGUS MP Mike Weir joined Quentin Willson and his FairFuelUK team in the House of Commons on Monday to add his voice to the call for a better deal on petrol and diesel taxation in the forthcoming budget.

Commenting on the event Mr Weir said: “The high cost of fuel is hurting hard working families in Angus who are already being pressed by the rocketing prices of domestic energy and food, whilst wages are, at best, stagnant.

“A rural area such as Angus gets a double whammy since there is no realistic alternative to road transport so costs both for bringing goods in and transporting goods out of Angus hit both consumers and local businesses.

“There is nothing green about destroying local economies but there is a real danger of that being done if prices of fuel continue to rise.

“The SNP have long called for a fuel duty regulator to stabilise prices and allow for long term planning by families and businesses.”

Quentin Willson said: “We were delighted to meet with Mike at our Westminster lobby.

“Families and businesses are struggling under the dead weight of paying 80p per litre in combined VAT and fuel duty.

“This is hurting families, damaging businesses and holding back growth. Our research shows that high fuel costs are the nation’s number one financial priority.

“The Chancellor needs to be bold and cut fuel duty in his budget. A significant cut in fuel duty will give the economy the kick start it needs.”