MP’s Post Office contract call

ANGUS MP Mike Weir is urging the UK government to award the new 10 year DVLA contract to the Post Office Ltd.

The contract is up for renewal and recently Mr Weir, the SNP’s postal affairs spokesman raised the issue during parliamentary questions.

He said: “The campaign to retain the contract with the Post Office has huge public support. I have received hundreds of postcards from post office customers across Angus urging the UK government to ensure that the contract remains with the Post Office.”

“The UK government are very good at claiming they want post offices to be the front line of government, but they are doing very little to bring that about. The award of the DVLA contract is a key test of this commitment.

“Despite coalition promises, there has been a steady paring of business, with the Department for Work and Pensions for example, the latest department to give an important contract to another operator.

“I am very concerned that if the DVLA contract is lost it will have a very serious impact on the future of local post offices. This contract is a key test of commitment of the UK Government to deliver on their promise to assist the post office network.

“In Arbroath, for example, the main post office now no longer offers the service of renewing a photo driving licence and has to advise people to travel to Forfar or Dundee to renew it.

“This diminution of services is likely to worsen as they downgrade post offices under the changes to the post office local branch system.”