MP is guest speaker at annual meeting

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The Letham branch of the Scottish National Party held their annual general meeting on Sunday with Mike Weir MP as their guest speaker.

Mr Weir outlined to the members present some of the issues currently being debated at Westminster and the issues for the coming campaign for the Westminster Parliament.

“In April of this year we will see the 70th Anniversary of the election of the first ever SNP MP when Dr Robert MacIntrye won the Motherwell by election.”

“We have come a long way since then with the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, the first ever SNP government in Scotland and the Independence Referendum which, although ultimately we were not successful, has brought about a massive surge in support going into the Westminster campaign. We now have a real chance of influence over the government of the UK and ensuring that the real concerns and issues for the Scottish people are addressed.”

The principal office-bearers elected for the coming years were: chairperson Bill Robertson, vice-convener Angus Watson, secretary and organiser Irene McGugan, and treasurer Joan Raconzier.