Mother forced to raise child in mouldy house

Bedroom furniture affected by the fungus.
Bedroom furniture affected by the fungus.

AN ARBROATH mother is at her wits end after enduring weeks living in a mould-infested council house.

Kerri Beattie moved into the house on Newbigging Road in January of this year when she was four months pregnant, and since then has become increasingly aware of a damp and mould problem.

Kerri said that the problem became particularly acute after the birth of her son and started to document the problem.

She said: “There’s mould all over the backs of the furniture, on the bottom of my bairn’s bed and on our pillows. The furniture is falling apart.”

Kerri was so concerned that she moved their sleeping arrangements into the living room, but this has not helped, as the mould now appears to be encroaching there too.

She added: “It’s has got so bad my mum has taken my bairn off me, as we’re both so concerned about his health. He has a constant cough already.

“His father’s got asthma and I’m worried it’s affecting his health. I could smell it in the air since he was five weeks old.”

Kerri added: “When I first told the council how bad it was they just told to open a window.”

According to Kerri she was so concerned that she called in an independent contractor who tested the mould.

She said: “He tested my bedroom and the bairn’s room and the readings came back in the red. He told me that come the winter the problem would be 10 times as bad.”

Kerri has been in constant contact with Angus Council housing department for an emergency move for the last six weeks, but to no avail.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We are unable to discuss individual tenants or their circumstances because of data protection legislation. The council makes every effort to respond to tenants’ concerns and rectify matters as swiftly as possible. However when significant work to a property is required a tenant may have to be decanted while the work is carried out and there may be a delay while suitable alternative accommodation is found.

“Tenants can assist by ensuring their houses are properly heated and ventilated, the kitchen door is kept closed during cooking and clothes are not dried inside the house.”