More streets falling foul says grandad

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TWO MORE streets have been named and shamed in the Herald’s campaign to rid our area of the blight of dog fouling.

Over the past few months, readers have been telling us which streets in the town are the worst for people not cleaning up after their pets.

This week, a reader who described himself as a ‘very worried grandad’ says the Hospitalfield area and Patrick Allan Fraser Street are littered with mess.

He said: “I must say how pleased I am that your keep Arbroath clean campaign is having great success.

“In many cases it is now a pleasure to walk the streets and not have to worry about stepping in dog poo.

“But there is an issue which some dog owners still seem to ignore.

“Not so long ago, notices were put up which informed dog owners it was forbidden to let their pets make toilets of areas maintained by council workers.

“Rules stated that owners would be heavily fined if their pets defecated in these areas, not just telling them to clean up after their dogs.

“Two of the areas which are now being target by dog owners are the grassy areas at the start of Hospitalfield and the roundabout on Patrick Allan Fraser Street.”

And now the man says these signs seem to have been removed.

He added: “Some of these notices have mysteriously disappeared and owners are now back to their old tricks.”

However, last month, Angus Council discussed the issue of dog fouling throughout the county at a recent neighbourhood services committee meeting, resulting in them agreeing to help tackle the problem.

l What do you think? Will more signs help to deter dog owners from not cleaning up after their pets? Are our streets getting cleaner?

And remember to keep letting us know where the worst affected areas and streets in the town are.

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