More concerns over ‘badly worn’ bridges

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FURTHER concerns about the state of the bridges at the Den of St Vigeans have been raised by a reader.

Mr Ian Webster contacted us to say that he was worried about the safety of two other bridges which are near the ‘slippery’ walkway which was featured last week.

He said: “The condition of the two bridges cannot be said, in my opinion, to be safe in their current condition. There is the potential to cause slips, trips or falls.

“The decking of the bridge some 300 metres north of where the Hercules burn joins the Brothock has boards missing and worn or holey.

“Some attempt has been made recently to provide a slip resistant surface by fixing down some chicken wire along half its length.

“The bridge at the St Vigeans cemetery over the Brothock also has badly worn and holey decking.

“The approach to this bridge has little grip and is indeed very slippery when wet. I know to my cost as I came a cropper here myself last summer.”

Mr Webster also raised concerns about the wooden bridge which crosses Hercules burn near the BMX track. As it is a bridge often used by schoolchildren, walkers and workers crossing to the industrial park, he feels that the council should take a look at the safety of the bridge.

He said: “This bridge only has a safety barrier on one side, the structure is sagging and with uneven decking boards due to poor repair work it is a real tripping hazard.”

A spokeswoman for Angus Council said: “The bridge over the Hercules burn is being replaced in the next few months.

“The second bridge, where the Hercules Burn joins the Brothock Burn, will be inspected and repairs will be made as required.

“However, any further deterioration to this bridge may result in its removal and it is unlikely to be replaced given the pathway linkages in this area.”