Montrose Road speed limit reduced for new housing

THE SPEED limit on Montrose Road near to the Meadowbank Inn is to be slashed from 60 to 40 miles per hour.

At a meeting of Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee on Tuesday, councillors agreed to the speed reduction which was recommended as new housing is planned for the area.

In a report circulated at the meeting, infrastructure services director Eric Lowson informed members that 350 houses are to be built in the area of Montrose Road, Seaton Road and Bearfauld Road.

It also detailed plans for a roundabout to be created at the junction of Montrose Road and Bearfauld Road which will form a gateway entrance at the north of Arbroath.

Mr Lowson said: “Planning permission has been granted subject to certain conditions for the erection of 350 houses on that area of land in Arbroath bounded on its west, north and east sides by Montrose Road, Bearfauld Road and Seaton Road respectively.

“The approved development includes certain off site road improvements including the formation of a new roundabout in the vicinity of the existing Montrose Road/Bearfauld junction.

“This will form a feature ‘gateway’ entrance to the town from the north and will also have a speed reduction effect for traffic entering the built up area.

“On Montrose Road the current 30 mph speed limit will extend to a point just north of the new roundabout beyond which the national speed limit (60 mph) applies.”

“Given the transition into an essentially rural environment and recognising that there is the potential for high approach road traffic speeds entering the 30 mph speed limit area from the north, it is proposed to introduce an intermediate speed limit of 40 mph on a section of Montrose Road from the 30 mph limit northwards for a distance of 225 metres.”

The cost of implementing the new speed limit will be £1,000 which will be met by the roads revenue budget.

Additional maintenance will cost around £100 a year.

Last November, the infrastructure services committee agreed to extend the 30 mph speed limit at to a point just north of Bearfauld Road.

Summing up his report, Mr Lowson added: “In the interest of pedestrian and traffic safety taking into consideration the changes to the road layout with increased traffic movements arising as a result of a large new housing development at Montrose Road, Arbroath, alterations to the speed limits are recommended for promotion as described.”

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