Mission’s fine work on show for candidates

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SCOTTISH Labour’s Arbroath candidates in next months local elections, Alec Mollison and Alastair Stuart, visited the Town Mission last week and saw for themselves the vital work the facility carries out.

Manager Wilma Swankie showed them round and explained the nature of the service the Mission offers.

The Town Mission and its dedicated staff and volunteers continue to provide extensive support services to the older people of Arbroath despite a further significant cut in its financial support from Angus Council. The candidates discovered that the Town Mission will try very hard to meet the continuing and increasing demand for their support services.

Mr Stuart said: “Although proceeding with the cut in the forthcoming year the council should understand that the continuing demands for services to the elderly in Arbroath and surrounding areas will need to be met.”

Wilma Swankie explained the nature of the services provided by the Town Mission which range from meal provision both at the Mission and in the community, as well as day-care services for those who can come into the Mission supported by the facility’s transport provision.

Mr Mollison said: “It is clear that demand for these services continues to be high and the Mission has earned a well-deserved reputation for its effectiveness with the local community.”

Both Alec and Alastair agreed that in current times the need to support people in the community who need support to maintain independence at home is essential.