Missing snake is no danger to public

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THE SEARCH for a missing Arbroath snake should be no cause for concern according to local experts.

Elwood the Royal Python went missing on Tuesday from his home at Horologe Hill and at the time of publication was still absent.

There has been a flurry of concerned Tweets and Facebook posts regarding Elwood’s disappearance, despite reassurances that Elwood is harmless.

Pamela Stuart from the Reptile Shop, knows the snake and its owner well and has said it is completely harmless.

She said that people are now starting to write abusive comments on the FaceBay [part of Facebook] which she thinks is completely uncalled for.

Pamela said: “The snake that has gone missing, well the biggest thing that it could eat is a large rat. It isn’t going to eat anybody’s cat, dog or children! It is a very docile snake and just wants to be somewhere quiet to hide. That’s it.”

Elwood is three-and-a-half feet long, and has a brown and dark orange colouring. He belongs to 10-year-old Jasmin Millar.

Her father, Gary, said: “He managed to somehow open the sliding glass doors on his vivarium and because someone left the living room window open all night we’ve no idea where he is.

“We’ve been looking in every nook and cranny because they can get into anywhere.”

Gary said the family had spent most of Tuesday moving furniture and appliances, but with no sign of Elwood.

He stressed that Elwood was not a danger to anyone. He said: “He’s a very friendly snake, you can handle him no problem and he’s never ever bitten anyone.”

As news of Elwood’s escape spread after we carried an appeal on our website, there was only one thing people wanted to talk about on the town’s High Street.

Local woman Susan Allan said: “I live near to where the owner lives and to begin with we were all a little scared and I kept my children inside.

“But now we have heard the snake is harmless it seems like a lot of bother over nothing.”

Stacey Christie, also Arbroath, said: “It is a harmless three foot pet snake, it will not bite!

“Also it is a pet and gets its food killed for it so will probably not know how to hunt and cannot withstand cold temperatures. It will probably die in these conditions. It’s a shame really.”

Anyone who spots Elwood should report it to 01241 434402.