Miraculous escape after car falls over cliff

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A WOMAN had a miraculous escape on Saturday when her car went over the edge of the cliff near Ethie Haven at the south side of Lunan Bay and dropped about 80 feet on to rocks.

The vehicle partially disintegrated as it struck the cliff, with the engine and battery flying off.

A man from a car which had been behind the victim’s blue Volkswagen Golf hurried to the scene and helped the woman from the wreck of her car.

The Coastguard Service received several calls about the incident from people in the area who had witnessed what had happened and both Arbroath lifeboats were called out.

The all-weather boat, RNLB ‘Inchcape’ and the inshore boat ILB ‘Duncan Fergusson’ were involved at Arbroath Sea Fest but were alerted by the Coastguard and sped to the scene.

The ILB, crewed by Allan Russell, Jamie Robertson and Michael Marr, was first on the scene and Allan Russell landed to administer first aid to the casualty who was lying near the edge of the water with the vehicle floating upside down nearby.

The lifeboat paramedic, Paul Castle, was transferred from the all-weather boat and brought ashore by the ILB to assist. At that time an RAF rescue helicopter, which had been airborne in the Cairngorms and had picked up the Coastguard transmission to the Arbroath lifeboats and offered to help, arrived on the scene.

The winchman, a trained paramedic, was winched down with a stretcher and he and the lifeboat crew tended to the casualty as the helicopter flew to RAF Leuchars to refuel.

On its return about half an hour later the casualty was winched aboard and taken to Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, where she was treated for minor head and back injuries.

A number of people in the area witnessed the incident and were spoken to by police officers at the time. However, they ask that anyone not yet spoken to with information should call 0300 111 222 or speak with any police officer.