Melanie’s weight loss brings in the pounds


AN ARBROATH woman who challenged herself to lose weight has also been piling on the pounds!

Melanie McCombie, of Grange Path, has been encouraging people to sponsor her to lose weight and over the past 16 weeks she has shed two stone and nine pounds.

But her weight loss efforts have enabled her to gain £875 in cash which she handed over to the cancer ward at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee on Saturday.

Melanie had a special reason to donate the money to ward 32, which will be used to provide cancer patients with home comforts such as toiletries, when they are in hospital.

She explained: “My mum passed away last year after suffering from cancer so I knew I wanted to help other patients at Ninewells.

“I had put on weight after her death and I wanted to lose it so I decided to do this challenge in memory of my mum and raise money at the same time.

“The nurse has been weighing me every week and I have managed to lose two stone nine pounds in 16 weeks and raise £875 at the same time.”

Melanie, who works in the Golden Haddock chip shop, added she would like to thank everybody who supported her and that the money will go towards helping patients whilst they are in hospital.

She said: “I’m really thankful to all of the staff, customers and friends who have sponsored me.

“They money will go towards buying toiletries and other things such as air fresheners which people like to have in hospital but can’t always get them.

“This way they will already be there if people need them.”